You know that feeling when you walk into a party? You feel nervous and excited at the idea of a great night out, seeing your friends and meeting new people. Walking across the room scanning faces for someone familiar, you see people turn their heads to check out who is new to the party. It is intimidating to say the least! To hold your head high in this situation takes confidence and for you to be comfortable in your own skin… or at the very least your own outfit! 

Feeling good in what you wear may seem trivial, but it plays a massive role in how you show up in the world, it expresses who you are on the inside, your tenacity, independence, willpower and strength. Wearing something that doesn’t fit right, makes you fidget or just doesn’t feel like ‘you’ can take up your whole focus and attention when you should be focused on enjoying yourself. Spending time in the bathroom adjusting yourself, making sure everything is in it’s right place, pulling, twisting and straightening. It’s exhausting! Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about it at all, so you can be totally engaged in meeting people, having great conversations, or just kicking it on the dance floor? 

Your outfit should empower you to be the best person you can be. 

Life as a Petite Woman...

Feeling small in a world full of tall is overwhelming, to be seen, heard and considered can be a constant challenge. Society dictates to us the meaning of our body shape and size as a limitation we have to overcome but the reality is we have hold the power to be.

Do you feel like your body type is a limitation? Does it stop you from showing up in the world the way you would love to? Are you afraid to express parts of your personality because you're afraid of what people will think?

Nothing fits, nothing in this shop is for me, too long, too wide, too baggy! Shopping as a petite women can be disheartening, when nothing fits right it can make us believe our bodies are only meant to look one way and that ours just don’t seem to fit what’s ‘normal’.  You end up questioning yourself thinking “Am I the wrong size?” Well, we are here to say - No, absolutely not! What’s wrong is that many women’s clothing brands don’t account for the fact that we all come in many beautiful shapes and sizes, we all struggle to find the right fit without the need for alterations. You are not alone in this battle! But we are here to help! There are few things you can do in order to find a style, brand and clothing company that give you more of what you want. 

Tip #1 Avoid mass produced and fast fashion. 

Woman’s clothing companies that mass produce their garments often lose on attention to detail and sacrifice quality of their fabrics and textiles making it less comfortable and forgiving for different body types. Sizing is often one garment pattern double or tripled for different sizes without considering proportions of different body types. 

Tip #2 Shop boutique and small business clothing brands.

Boutique and small business often specialise in one area, and they do it well instead of trying to do everything for everybody. These companies will specify in their garment description what type of body shape they are better suited to. 

Tip #3 Talk to the Staff. 

Either in store or online get chatting with the staff and ask them what you need to know to get what you need. Finding out if the staff are trained to style your body type is a quick way to work out whether you should run for the door or stay and look around. 

Questions to ask include: 

  • Do you specialise in smaller sizes for petite women? 
  • Have you been trained in styling petite frames? 

You should feel supported by the staff in finding something that fits your petite frame and puts a smile on your face!

The Midi Dress: The Answer to the Petite Woman’s Prayers. 

A midi dress is a dress where the hem stops between the knee and the ankle. The midi dresses come in all different fabrics and styles to suit any occasion, dressed up or dressed down they are a fantastic addition to any women’s closet.   

So, what is so great about a Midi dress?

The midi dress will express your strength, independence, and capability. From elegance and style to sexy and seductive this dress is so versatile you’ll never be short of an idea for what to wear. It naturally creates length without the need for it to be tailored to fit your height while fitting you comfortably. The midi dress accentuates your curves, neckline, collar bones and highlights the beauty and elegance of the female form. The midi dress reflects your best qualities as a strong capable independent woman, able to create and manifest any life she desires. Entering a room with this feeling will light up the room for you to take it by storm.

Let’s have a look at the different types of Matea Designs Midi Dresses for Parties.

Our Top 5 Pics for Party Dresses for Petite Women.

  • Casual and Classy
  • The Ultra comfortable Bodycon Midi Dress is perfect for the petite woman with its mid length hem and slim fit.  The soft feel stretch fabric allows a seductive look for all body shapes, with the detachable stretch belt detail and gold buckle detailing adding elegance to the overall look. You will have no problem expressing yourself with these bodycon midi dresses, their simplicity allows you to creatively add accessories such as boots, jewellery and jackets that uniquely express your authentic personality! 

    Shop our midi dresses:



  • Work then Play
  • This powerhouse bodycon midi dress will have you feeling comfortable and strong throughout the day at your corporate job, easily transitioning into seductive and sexy for afterwork cocktails. This flattering chic cut midi dress with ¾ sleeves enhances the female form without being too revealing, remaining feminine and classy whilst accentuating your curves and neckline! 


  • A Daytime Affair
  • These light-coloured midi dresses speak elegance and class, perfect for any daytime party, a white dress during a daytime occasion makes a women shine brighter than the sun, illuminating skin tone giving you a fresh vibrant look.  

    The MIA bodycon dress makes an easy transition from a daytime birthday or picnic to cocktail party or Sunday afternoon drinks by swapping sneakers for heels with some nice accessories. 


    If you prefer a more relaxed elegant look the Isla long white sleeve shirt dress will enhance the beauty of your petite frame, the loose fitting makes it comfortable to wear without being too causal. This is a timeless piece that will last many seasons to come.  


  • Night on the town
  • This is the little black dress every petite woman needs in her wardrobe. Made with a thick fabric to help you feel supported for your night on the town. The detachable belt with gold hoop hardware will frame your waist beautifully. This strappy seductive bodycon midi dress will have you feeling confident and seductive so you can be the life of the party.   


  • A Dress to take on the world
  • Every woman in her lifetime should wear an outfit that she can take on the world with. The Arabella black lantern midi dress shirt is sexy, strong but delicate and light. This slit cut midi dress could be used for work, night drinks or cocktails working perfectly with a pair of strappy heels. It has a front tie up bow detailing, cuff detailing and gold button detailing at the front. The Arabella will work for you all year round, in the cooler months with a stylish jacket to pair or on its own in the summertime feeling light and breezy. Walking into a party with this dress will make you stand taller and prouder than you ever have before. You will feel as though you can do and achieve anything because the truth is – you can!


    Don’t let your petite size define you and the person you love to be.

    Matea Designs is a proudly owned Australian business that sells designer women’s clothing. Producing fine quality garments in small quantities using hand selected fabrics. Matea Designs guarantee’s impeccable customer service making sure you feel supported in finding what you’re looking for and that you are empowered as a woman. With each purchase $1 is donated to a charity that helps empower women all over the world. Get $20 off your first order with FREE Shipping Worldwide!

    By Chloe Weston


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