Ethical Fashion & Our Ethos

The fashion industry is rampant with not only cheaply made products, but also unethically made goods. Workers are often paid very little for their labour, and cheap materials are used to keep costs down. To be able to buy a clothing item for anything less than $20 is crazy if you think about the process that goes into making of a garment and delivering the garment to the end consumer.

This is why at Matea Designs we focus on producing small bespoke quantities in all of our garments. The design process of bringing our garments to life is thought out and executed with care.  

Our garments are all designed in Australia with our customers in mind.


At Matea Designs we ensure our garments are ethically made in partnership with our factory and suppliers. A lot of care and thought is put behind the design process, fabric selection and construction of all of our garments.

All fabrics we use are hand selected with creativity and uniqueness in mind. 

Fabric Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project

Each garment is produced on a small scale so we have limited pieces available in each style and colour. Mass production sees waste in the landfill all around the world. Unlike fast fashion companies, our pieces are not mass produced and a high level of care is put into the construction of each garment. Most of our garments are made by a small team in our factory where are a lot of our detailing is stitched on by hand.


Our factory is based in the Guangzhou province in China.


The working conditions of our garment construction team - our pattern makers, seamstresses, and quality control team is ethical where the floor employees work shift work between 9am- 9pm with two breaks per day between 12-1:30pm and 6-7pm. They receive 20 days paid annual leave and paid public holidays. Floor employees are both female and male. 

The office employees in the factory work between 9am- 6pm with a break between 12-1:30pm. They receive paid annual leave and paid public holidays. Office employees are both female and male.