Matea Designs garments are brought to life with the intention to give women the power to step out in confidence.

Matea Designs is forging a boutique brand where each season aims to produce a mix of garments that combines ready-to-wear outfits one of a kind, timeless pieces that are unique & individual.

Launched in 2014, Matea Designs is a creation born from a passion that Matea Saule had to create a brand that would encapsulate the beauty of a woman’s body & empower women to feel good from the outside in.

Drawing on inspiration from her European dressmaking heritage, Matea completed studies in fashion then later in Business/Commerce. Matea Designs has grown rapidly due to a strong following and Matea’s ability and creativity to produce unique and sought after garments.

Our Brand Values

EMPOWERMENT: Empowering women through fashion and inspiring them to be strong in themselves and embody radical self-love.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: High level of customer service, everything we do is centered around the customer being #1 - our Matea Designs girl.

RESILIENCE & GROWTH: In an ever-changing market we make sure that we always stay resilient when faced with adversity and change. Whilst also making sure that we are evolving as a brand. There is no such thing for us as "we do things because that's the way we have always been doing things" - a GROWTH mindset is something we highly value.

TIMELESSNESS: Even though our products can be trend focused, we always make sure that our designs have an air of timelessness to them.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a fashion business. We are thrilled to have joined i=Change and will be giving back $1 from every sale. We are proudly supporting Plan International Australia, UN Women Australia, and Women’s Community Shelters. Contributing to changing the world, one purchase at a time