garments are brought to life with the intention to empower Women to harness their confidence

Matea Designs is forging a unique boutique Australian fashion brand where each season aims to produce a mix of garments that combines ready-to-wear outfits and one of a kind timeless pieces. All garments are made in small quantities avoiding any form of mass production.

Launched in 2014, Matea Designs is a creation born from a passion that Matea Saule had to create a brand that would encapsulate the beauty of a woman’s body & empower women to feel confident and powerful in themselves.

Drawing on inspiration from her European dressmaking heritage, Matea completed studies in fashion then later in Commerce. Matea Designs has grown rapidly due to a strong following and Matea’s ability and creativity to produce unique and sought after garments.

Matea is very passionate about philanthropic work and building a purpose driven business where consumers and employees are actively investing and contributing to commerce that is pioneering a future build for good.

Matea's passions are particularly in Women’s empowerment which is something that is heavily woven into the Matea Designs brand. As a brand, we are on a mission to empower Women both in Australia and globally. To "empower" means to give power to someone to do something or the process of becoming stronger and more confident. To us this is not about feminism but rather we aspire to inspire and give power back to our ladies to act out of their own unique purpose with confidence.
When both women and men alike live from a space self contentment, confidence and self assurance - we are able to contribute to each other lives and the lives of others in a valuable and respectful way. 

We do this by offering unique quality affordable designer garments which women feel confident in. We partner with a number of different Women focused charities and powerful projects to help make a positive and powerful impact in Women's lives around the globe. As well as inspire our ladies through weekly newsletters. 

"It is incredibly rewarding and a real honour to be able to use your business to do good in the world. It truly gives me so much energy and purpose knowing that the garments I design are not only enabling women to feel beautiful but also contributing to helping women live more empowered and purpose driven lives. Like so many women living in the West I feel incredibly fortunate and privileged in many ways, including having access to education and resources to build whatever kind of life I want for myself. I wish this for all women around the world, however, at the very least I wish for all women to have their basic needs met in life - to feel safe in their home, to have the ability to have an education and earn a living if they so wish” - With love, Matea xo 

Matea Saule the designer of Matea Designs Profile Image


Vision: Globally recognised brand, known for unique timeless fashion and making an impactful difference in the lives of Women around the world.

Mission: Empower Women inside and out. 


EMPOWERMENT, POWER TO YOU GIRL: Empowering Women through fashion. Inspiring Women to be strong & confident in themselves from a lense of self love and connection to our individual purpose.

YOU ARE OUR FOCUS: Customer service excellence, everything we do is central to our customers being #1. 

AGELESS IS COOL TO US: We strive to make sure that our designs have an air of timelessness to them so that you can wear them without relying on fashion trends.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a fashion business. Through our partnership with i=Change $1 from every purchase made goes to 1 of 3 charity projects we support to impact Women's lives around the world in a positive and powerful way.