The end of the year can be a shock to the system, after the pre-Christmas madness everything comes to a standstill, business’s close their doors and people join their loved ones for celebration, the noise in the streets and the busy traffic simmers down to a low hum. After a year of challenge, major change, and uncertainty the world completely stops.


Reflection happens naturally when life slows down. It’s important to look back and acknowledge yourself for getting through the year but also to notice how it has changed you. Did you face challenges and what helped you rise to overcome them? Did you find strength you didn’t know you had? Did it transform you into someone completely different? 

 Let’s be real… the new year, new you, resolution thing is completely overdone; you can and should make empowering changes in your life at any point in time during the year… BUT the end of the year does give you one thing we don’t always get… a break. It gives you the time and space to stop and relax, to recharge your batteries and process the year that was. With restored energy, you can give life to new choices and ways of being you had no time or strength for during the year.  


Did you reflect on your choices for 2021? Partly wishing you made better ones or had done some things differently?

Are you someone that loves to give to others? 

Do you often burn out by helping everyone around you and neglect what you want and need? 

Do you often play small or stay quiet to keep the peace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…

We are here to update you on what’s new in 2022.

And that is making YOU the priority without apology. 

We officially give you permission to be the biggest, baldest version of yourself, no more playing small, staying quiet or putting your desires and needs last. 

Life is too short to be showing up as a watered-down version of yourself!

Let the new year be the excuse you need to be authentically you. 

The one who speaks up, steps out and stands tall regardless of what people may think or say.

Are you ready to ruffle some feathers?

Because we are here to help you make a BOLD entrance into 2022. 

Taking care of yourself involves all aspects of life but treating yourself to a new outfit is one of the most nurturing and nourishing things you can do for yourself to give back to you. Matea Designs has picked out our top 6 preferences that will help you feel more empowered, confident and help you stand a little taller in the 2022. 


#1 AINE Khaki Sleeveless Bodycon Midi Dress

The sleeveless bodycon midi dress is a simple staple and classy outfit giving you that polished and poised look when entering the room. This designer dress makes feeling comfortable in your own skin look seamless. The feminine cut and stretch fabric will leave you feeling empowered and comfortable for all occasions over the holiday period but also makes a smooth transition into work wear as the new year rolls on. The fully detachable belt with gold buckle hardware adds style and decadence to this beautifully crafted dress. 

 How to Style: 

  1. Easily accessorised with a black or tan handbags. 
  2. For a more casual look pair tan flat slides for lunches, brunches, and daytime parties.  
  3. Easily upgrade this dress for the night life by adding strappy tan high heels and a black leather jacket. 
  4. In the cooler months this dress pairs well with a tan coat. 

#2 ZENOBIA Black High Neck Lantern Sleeve Shirt  - ZENOBIA White High Neck Lantern Sleeve Shirt 

Are you ready for classy versatility? Well, this #2 pick is for you. This high neck lantern sleeve shirt combines taking charge and femininity in one, with the elegant wide sleeves and pearl button cuff you’ll feel seductive and confident wherever you take it. Professional for the office paired with a pencil skirt, and adaptable for any night or daytime occasion with denim for example. The beautiful neck detailing gives you endless options by doing the buttons all the way up or leaving them open, allowing you to be creative with bow tying! A timeless shirt that every wardrobe needs. You’ll feel ready to show up strong and accomplished in any situation.

How to style:

The Zenobia Shirt is available in both pearl white and black colours and can be mixed and matched with any of the following: 

  1. Black or denim jeans with heels or flats for a more casual look.
  2. Black or white, high waist shorts with heels. 
  3. White or black pants and/or pencil skirt for a professional office look. 

#3 JOAN White High Waist Classic Shorts

This #3 pick is a classic addition to every woman’s wardrobe, a perfect complement to our #2 pick, these two items go hand in hand but are also versatile on their own. The high waist accentuates the female curve, reminding you of the beauty of your feminine form. Let yourself enjoy the luxurious things in life more often this year with these classic cut high waist white shorts. 

 How to style: 

These classic cut shorts have options and can be combined with:

  1. With any crop top or sleeved shirt.
  2. Add a black leather jacket for a night on the town.
  3. Knitted jumpers are a great accessory for cooler nights, giving a casual but charming look.  

# 4 CLEO Black Bodycon High Neck Maxi Dress

At #4 this figure-hugging black maxi dress will leave you feeling like a supermodel on the runway. With its high neck and maxi dress length you will be able to stand tall in your power while staying true to yourself this year. The stretch and textured fabric creating comfort and style so you can stay comfortable and relaxed during any occasion. 

How to Style:

  1. Fully detachable stretch belt detail with silver metal buckle - we suggest tucking the belt into the loop at back of the dress or tucking the belt into itself at the side or back.
  2. Accessorise with tan pumps, tan strappy heals, or tan slides.
  3. Add a black coat for cooler weather.
  4. Add a hint of chic with a black leather jacket for a night out. 

#5 CLEO White Bodycon High Neck Maxi Dress

Our second maxi dress for the top 6 list is the bodycon white textured Cleo maxi. This high neck maxi dress with a detachable stretch belt is perfect for special occasions, you will be turning heads in your wake. The subtle yet seductive side split adds a little bit of spice while remaining classic and high class. It’s impossible to play small wearing this enchanting outfit you will feel like you can say and do whatever you feel when you put on this Australian designed dress. 

How to style:

  1. Accessories with black, tan or colour handbag and black or tan heels. 
  2. In winter months paired with a long coat. 
  3. Pair with sneakers for a more casual look

#6 ARABELLA Black Lantern Sleeve Midi Shirt Dress

Our final pick for 2022 is the Arabella Midi Shirt Dress Shirt. This Matea Designs favourite speaks for itself, seductive, elegant giving a mysterious appeal to anyone who wears it. The adjustable tie up bow can be worn closer to the neckline or as it is shown in the picture. The gold buckle detailing on the front and sleeves accompanied with the gold buckle belt give the dress definition and allure for the final look. Perfect for a night out or in the office. Stylish and sexy you won’t recognise yourself in this beautifully designed midi shirt dress.

How to style:

  1. Add black pumps, tan pumps, black or tan strappy heels.
  2. Black bag or tan bag. 
  3. Black coat for cooler weather. 
  4. Beautiful in winter with a jacket. 

There is no limit to what you deserve to have for yourself and the person you can be. Matea Designs wants to support you looking and feeling your best, by giving you Australian designed, unique, and quality garments that reflect the person you are and what you are worth. Let 2022 be the year you decide to show up unapologetically you with Matea Design right behind you.

Matea Designs is on a mission to empower women Australia wide and globally, we do this by offering affordable quality designer garments that help you feel confident and empowered to be the person you would love to be. Matea Designs also partners with Woman focused charities and powerful projects to help impact women’s lives around the globe. $1 from each of our online sales is donated to one of our charities of your choosing. Click here to find out more on how we give back: Shop Petite Clothing Online | Charity Support – Matea Designs 

By Chloe Weston


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